About Us

Sea Hawk Safety CEO Jon Aneson turns lifetime of hospitality experiences into inventor of food safety solutions to reduce operational, regulatory, and compliance costs.

Sea Hawks are relentless predators. Our prey are threats to food safety.

Jon Aneson, CEO, is a Rutgers business management graduate with a lifetime of hospitality experiences, including owning and operating restaurants in the greater Princeton area, and developing a consulting practice, designing and building over 70 restaurants from NYC, Philadelphia, to the Jersey Shore and in Florida from Sarasota to South Beach.

While Jon worked at Gino’s, a regional hamburger chain, working a full-time schedule and earning his degree, he learned about the hassles of daily soda gun and fountain dispenser calibration and maintenance. He was destined to design a revolutionary solution to these problems.

Jon gathered together other professionals with similarly deep experience to identify and validate the most sustainable food safety innovations for the foodservice industry that will reduce operational, regulatory, and compliance costs. The Sea Hawk Roundtable is supplemented with input from seasoned colleagues in the Restaurant Facilities Management Association, the Food Safety Summit, the National Restaurant Association, and the Nevada Food Safety Task Force in Las Vegas.

Our flagship product Sea~Gun Soda Gun was introduced at the 2018 Food Safety Summit and the 2019 RFMA Annual Conference under the Sea Hawk Systems brand. We rebranded as Sea Hawk Safety in 2020.