Soda Gun Holders Cited in Major Restaurant Inspection Failure

A Pennsylvania restaurant failed a Chester County Health Department unannounced food inspection January 7, 2020. One of the culprits? Soda gun holders.

Among the 6 failures cited was 601.11 for equipment cleanting.

“Soda gun holders throughout the facility have mold-like growth/food residue build-up in the bottom around the drain. Soda guns at the front entrance bar, as well as the upstairs bar, have food residue build-up on the interior. These should all be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and maintained regularly.”

Chester County Food Inspector

Food residue causes significant risk for operators:

  1. Cross contamination can spread infectious diseases such as the flu and the common cold.
  2. E coli and other microbial bacteria have the potential to make guests sick.
  3. Fines and fees associated with inspections and re-inspections.

Manual cleaning processes are expensive and they don’t work. Employees are tired at the end of their shifts. Add in turnover and training issues and it’s a recipe for failure. Want proof? The above restaurant was cited for dirty soda guns the prior annual inspection also.

How much is your reputation worth? Customers take to social media to tell about their experience. Negative reviews can crush profits forever.

Sea Hawk Safety invented the automated Sea Gun soda gun cleaner to solve these problems. Take it from an industry insider, with the Sea Gun maintenance-free automated cleaning system, restaurants will be safer and guests will have a better experience.

“This system cleans soda gun nozzles, solving the problems we see every day in restaurants where manual cleaning by staff has proven inconsisten and contributed to beverage ‘off-taste’ prevalent in gun dispensed beverages”

Richard Ritota, former Food Safety Director of New Jersey.

Sea Hawk Safety is committed to mitigating food safety risks and boosting profits with automated beverage dispensing innovations. Get the Sea Gun soda gun cleaning system today. Contact us for more information.