Sea Hawk Systems Introduces Automatic Bar Gun Cleaning System

The New Sea Gun Eliminates Biofilm Buildup in Bar Guns

CHICAGO, May 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sea Hawk Systems introduces the Sea Gun, a revolutionary new patent-pending, automatic and programmable bar gun cleaning system at the 20th annual Food Safety Summit.

The Sea Gun is designed to automatically purge all residues and sugars while combating penetration of insects such as fruit flies into bar guns. The programmable system injects pressurized, potable water and cleans up to four guns at once.

The new Sea Gun is designed to clean all bar gun models ranging from three to 12 separate buttons. It is powered by a high safety, 12v DC current and is designed with all made in the U.S.A. antimicrobial polymer and easy-to-clean stainless steel components, including:

  • Anti-microbial Santoprene® Collars which prevent insect infestations
  • Patent pending anti-microbial holsters that easily fit on bar tops which prevent water retention, mold and the buildup of biofilm
  • Injection of potable water directly into the dispensing nozzle
  • Water and drain lines crafted from anti-microbial materials that ensure consistent cleaning

“The Sea Gun solves a rather common regulatory compliance problem of having food residue on a food contact surface, namely the soda gun nozzle. Often, these gun tips may support mold and other microbial growth. By having an automated cleaning system that periodically flushes out such food residues we eliminate a food source for microbial growth,” says Richard Ritota, former food safety director for the state of New Jersey and now food safety director for Sea Hawk Systems. “The Sea Gun also helps to eliminate improper manual cleaning where employees create a cross contamination issue by using a soiled bar towel or have bare hand contact on the delivery point of the gun nozzle.”

To eliminate the daily multi-step cleaning process, the new Sea Gun provides daily “ready for inspection” soda guns with an automatic, programmable cleaning system. By injecting potable water into the bar gun, it purges all residues and sugars to a level impossible to achieve with manual cleaning and eliminates beverage “off-taste.” It’s designed to help keep accurate calibration for optimal soda dispensing.

“We noticed the taste of soda from our bar guns had steadily decreased in quality and were looking for more efficient ways to not only clean bar guns, but to get a better tasting soda,” says Rick Schmid, restaurant owner in New Jersey. “We turned to Sea Hawk Systems to help our restaurants by installing the Sea Gun. It has been a great cleaning tool for us, allowing employees additional time in other areas of the restaurant. It’s also helped us battle fruit flies and improved the flavor of the soda.”

The new Sea Gun is also environmentally friendly. It uses less than a gallon of water per day to clean four guns. Most multi-step, labor-intensive, manual gun cleaning procedures typically use a minimum of 1-2 gallons of water for each gun.

“Throughout the past ten years, Sea Hawk Systems worked extensively with leading hospitality product design and test organizations such as Dema Engineering and Quantex Analytics to perfect the new Sea Gun,” says Jon Aneson, Sea Hawk Systems CEO. “The significant contributions of both groups have allowed Sea Hawk Systems to introduce a superior cleaning solution to hospitality operators that improves the safety and quality of the beverages that they serve.”

For more information call 858-SEA-HAWK.

UPDATE: Sea Hawk Systems was rebranded as Sea Hawk Safety in 2020.