Restaurant staff turnover increases automation urgency to combat Coronavirus

New automated soda gun cleaner helps restaurants comply with food safety needs while combatting coronavirus business downturn and managing expected employee turnover when re-opening. With restaurant staff turnover already at 100 percent annually, the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) crisis will likely increase that, stressing managers even more to meet required food safety training, including proper, consistent cleaning. As evidenced by decades of failed health inspections for dirty, moldy bar soda guns, and resulting fruit flies, the Sea~Gun by Sea Hawk Safety solves a critical problem at a crucial time.

dirty soda gun
Soda gun with built up contamination

The need for automated cleaning is critical to protect the public health from any number of diseases and viruses that can be spread from dirty soda guns. The problem is not just what’s on the surface, but inside the soda gun, soda gun holster, and the soda gun drain line. Fruit flies and other insects love the sticky sweet soda remnants, and create a trail of disgusting bacteria where they live and visit. Additionally, cross contamination from bar wipe cloths, which may be then used to wipe down the soda gun, is another way diseases and viruses can be spread.

The Sea~Gun automatic soda gun cleaning system by Sea Hawk Safety mitigates restaurant risk of spreading disease from cross contamination by automating the cleaning process to cleanliness levels never possible by manual cleaning. Research confirms more than half of foodservice facilities have fruit flies, and they are capable of transferring dangerous bacteria from contaminated sources to food, a serious danger to food safety. Studies show that after using the Sea~Gun, bacteria and fruit flies are obliterated, while those with manual cleaning processes still have fruit flies and bacteria.

No longer does management need to rely on manual procedures that are too timing consuming. Send bartenders home, save on labor costs and let the Sea~Gun do the work automatically, per a custom programmable schedule.

soda gun with sea gun installed
Standard bar gun sitting in Sea~Gun anti-microbial holster with anti-microbial drain lines.

From Food Safety Magazine, “Public health officials say that asymptomatic infections, particularly those in the early and later stages of a 2019-nCoV virus infection, are highly probable. This means asymptomatic persons can be actively shedding the virus through coughs, sneezes, sputum, and mucous, which can then contaminate foods and food handling surfaces.” While restaurants can be hopeful employees won’t come to work sick, it can happen. And guests may also come that unknowingly have Covid-19, or other viral illness. Keep employee hands and wipe cloths away from the soda gun element that dispenses drinks into all your guests potentially transferring bacteria- let the Sea~Gun do it all automatically.

Sea Hawk Safety is committed to mitigating food safety risks and boosting restaurant profits with automated beverage dispensing innovations. Get the Sea~Gun soda gun cleaning system today. Contact us for more information.